Programming Panel

Alexandra Diantgikis

Programming Jury Chair

A graduate of Boston University and Boston native, Alex has worked as a creative production intern for E! Entertainment’s The Soup, a production assistant on PBS cooking show, Simply Ming, and a teaching assistant at Boston University’s Academy of Media Production (AMP). She now currently serves as the ​Outreach Director​ at NewFilmmakers Los Angeles.

David Quan

Committee Member

See that guy sitting in the middle of the theater by himself? That’s David. He loves movies so much he doesn’t mind looking like a lonely weirdo. He loves movies so much he buys theater popcorn and doesn’t eat it. He loves movies so much he got a degree in them. Studying Radio, Television, Film at the University of North Texas with a concentration in Screenwriting, he’s a firm believer in substance over style (though a little style never hurts). Some of his favorite films include Pulp Fiction, The Lord of the Rings, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Paloma Bennett

Committee Member

Affilation: Creator and Blogger for MAE Blog at Bio: Paloma Bennett has a BA in Film and Digital Media with honors from UC Santa Cruz. Paloma runs the feminist film and television blog called the MAE Blog that she created. This includes marketing, writing and posting daily for the feminist film and television blog. She is also part of the NFLMA programing committee for its monthly film festival.