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Daphna Ziman

President of Edwards Entertainment International

Edwards Entertainment International

Daphna Ziman is a filmmaker, founder of a music label, philanthropist and author living in Beverly Hills, CA. She is known internationally and in the Halls of Power in Washington, DC, for her creative and unusually successful work on behalf of saving abandoned children.

President of Edwards Entertainment International, an independent film and television production company, Ziman works as a writer, producer and director. Her latest film Footsteps debuted on Showtime. There is buzz that her new book The Gray Zone (Greenleaf Book Group, 2011) is going into production as a motion picture that will be starring one of the top five leading men in Hollywood.

Ziman's passion outside of her day job is helping at-risk and foster youth. Her first-hand experience, having adopted her daughter after rescuing her from a homeless shelter, inspired her debut novel The Gray Zone. As the founder and chairperson of Children Uniting Nations, a 501(c)3 charity that provides foster children with devoted, non-paid mentors, she successfully lobbied to amend the Family Preservation Act, ensuring safety of children returning home after foster care.

Ziman, who also serves on the Board of Trustees of Children's Institute International and is a Chairperson of ABC LOVE (Adoption Brings Children Love), has been recognized with these honorable awards, among many others: Jacqueline Kennedy Award by JFK University, Women of Achievement Award by North American Council for Adoptable Children, Uniting Children of the World Award by the Child Welfare League of America, 1999 Peace & Tolerance Lifetime Achievement Award for Child Advocacy, 2002 Spirit of Compassion Award presented by the Aviva Family and Children Services, 2006 Spirit of Life Award by L.A.'s City of Hope, 2007 Blue Skies Award by Penny Lane Center, 2010 Sorommundi (Sisters of the World Award) by the YWCA of Greater Los Angeles, 2011 Community Hero Award by The Dreamland Foundation.