The Cowfoot Prince

Dir. Bex Singleton
UK |
28 Mins
‘Sierra Leone is the country I hate to love.’ The Cowfoot Prince follows Usifu Jalloh, a Sierra Leonean Storyteller, from his adopted home in London back to the village where he was born. The journey charts the lifelong complexities of immigration, and Usifu’s personal relationship with the country that is responsible both for the execution of his father, and for the inherited skills and wisdom he uses to make sense of the world. “The Cowfoot Prince is one of those wonderful, life enhancing documentaries that one is lucky enough to come across from time to time. Stories are crucial to all of us, and this very special film weaves together an extraordinary man’s personal story with the stories he shares to enhance other people’s lives.” Stewart Mackinnon, BAFTA and Emmy Award Winning Producer

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