UÝRA – The Rising Forest

Dir. Juliana Curi, Writ. Martina Sönksen & Prod. João Henrique Kurtz; Lívia Cheibub
Brazil, USA |
72 Mins
Uýra, a trans indigenous artist, travels through the Amazon on a journey of self-discovery using performance art to teach indigenous youth that they are the guardians of ancestral messages of the Amazon forest. In a country that kills the highest number of trans, indigenous, and environmentalist youth worldwide, Uýra leads a rising movement through arts and education while fostering unity and providing inspiration for the LGBTQIA+ and environmental movements in the heart of the Amazon Forest. Uýra’s performances are a metaphor inspired by the ecological cycle that mirrors social struggles: The destruction of the soil and violence against life, followed by the re-emergence of young plants that germinate quickly and make way for a renewed, stronger ecosystem.

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