James Defebaugh

James Defebaugh grew up in Detroit, MI and moved to California upongraduating from University of Michigan’s Residential College in 2008.

In the time since then, he has: authored a number of award-winning scripts and films featured at several notable festivals; done development work for such outfits as Phoenix Pictures’ story department; assisted in programming for McSweeney’s indie film distribution label Wholphin DVD; and earned an MFA in Cinema in 2013 from San Francisco State University, where he also taught production classes on top of acting as the cinema department’s assistant production coordinator.

As NewFilmmakers Los Angeles’s Industry Relations Coordinator, James writes grants, performs industry outreach, coordinates sponsorship agreements, and plans the NFMLA Monthly Screening Series as well as other events. He is also chair of the NFMLA Screening Committee, through which he assists Susie Kim in programming films for the NFMLA Monthly Screening Series.

In his spare time, James enjoys traveling, reading, writing, hiking, biking, baking, painting, gaming, and making video installations.