Join us October 20th, 2012 for this year's On Location: The Los Angeles Video Project screening at the AT&T Center. See how filmmakers highlight Los Angeles to the rest of the world!

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The On Location Video Project

The Los Angeles Video Project is a community outreach multimedia program that celebrates and enlists LA's remarkable pool of filmmakers. By engaging these creative members of the Los Angeles community to act and serve as Ambassadors of LA, NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA), the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board and LA Weekly are able to share what these artists call their LA; an insider perspective into this diverse, cosmopolitan city and its neighborhoods.

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7:00pm - General Admission & Pre-Screening Reception.
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Films Screening

Director: Bryce Dicristofalo
Time: 2 minutes
LA is personified by a voice that tells a story of the wonders of this great city.
Press Kit
Destination Los Angeles
Director: Brandon Valiente
Time: 3 minutes
A guy and a girl separately tour Los Angeles landmarks on their first visit and meet at the Griffith Park Observatory where they fall in love.
LA Moments
Director: Michael Malagon
Time: 1 minute
This video exposes you to various moments happening around Los Angeles.
Goodbye, I Love You
Director: Hernan Cazares
Time: 4 minutes
Best friends Alan and Marian are sitting in a diner in the wake of her departure. As they reminisce about times past, Alan is debating whether to tell her a secret or not.
Director: Leor Baum
Time: 3 minutes
A young woman searches the city for an old dream.
Press Kit
How to Live in LA
Director: Cameron Sperling
Time: 4 minutes
An old fashion 'how to' guide showing little Jimmy how to make it in LA.
Director: Kiana Wilson
Time: 4 minutes
A look into the life of three performers whose talents blossom in the city that gives life to their ultimate LA dream.
Press Kit
Director: Felix Martiz
Time: 3 minutes
Los Angeles has become a city of night, where the sun doesn't shine anymore. Our protagonist searches for daylight in hopes of smiling again.
Press Kit
I Love LA
Director: S. Biton/J. Hudson
Time: 3 minutes
Exploring the pleasures of culture, style, entertainment, and excellence found in Los Angeles.
I Heart Los Angeles
Director: C. Eakin/D. Groseclose
Time: 1 minute
Why do you love Los Angeles? We asked real people living in LA to tell us.
An LA Story
Director: Jeffrey Sun
Time: 3 minutes
Two friends visit LA and experience the unbelievable adventure of a lifetime.
Press Kit
Dream of a Resident Tourist
Director: Shahriar Rahman
Time: 4 minutes
A lifelong tourist of Los Angeles, who also happens to be one of its residents, reflects with awe at his home city’s harmony with nature.
Press Kit
Liefs (With Love)
Director: Beri Shalmashi
Time: 4 minutes
Two immigrants in Los Angeles write letters home.
Within the City Limitless
Director: Carolfrances Likins
Time: 4 minutes
When children express to their parents the desire to travel the world, these working-class parents decide to give them the next best thing: a global tour of LA through the many ethnic communities here.
Press Kit
Director: Colin Rich
Time: 4 minutes
'Nightfall' is a three minute tour of light through the City of Angels.
So What's the Plan for Tonight?
Director: Daniel Zafran
Time: 3 minutes
Three friends in different parts of the city try to communicate the night's plans to each other.
Director: Sevag Mahserejian
Time: 3 minutes
A montage of footage filmed throughout Los Angeles accompanied with spoken word that highlights Los Angeles for what it truly is: an entire world condensed into one city.
Los Angeles: Find Yourself
Director: Gregory J.M. Kasunich
Time: 4 minutes
A young woman drifts though the neighborhoods, buildings, streets, and memories that comprise the city of Los Angeles as she searches for herself and something more.
Director: Ruddy Anthony Salazar
Time: 3 minutes
After returning from a trip Ruddy must travel throughout LA to complete his scavenger hunt.
Director: Carlos Florez
Time: 2 minutes
Imaginative skateboard guy falls in love with the city of Los Angeles, symbolized by a giant girl that is full of lights; she loves him back and illuminates his path so he can continue to explore the city.
Whatcha Wanna Do?
Director: Tim Cardenas
Time: 3 minutes
A group of friends explore their options for a day of fun in beautiful Los Angeles!
LA Encounter
Director: A. Hung/M. Lin
Time: 2 minutes
LA Encounter paints a portrait of an extraordinary city located in the heart of southern California.
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NewFilmmakers Los Angeles Mission Statement

NewFilmmakers LA at Sunset Gower Studios is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world, providing the Los Angeles community of entertainment professionals and film goers with a constant surge of monthly screening events. NewFilmmakers LA provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their contributions, have open audience discussions about their projects and connect with industry professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition and representation.