Bill Grundfest

Writer-producer and WGA member who has received a Golden Globe Award and three Emmy nominations for his work. Mr. Grundfest’s numerous writing credits include NBC’s Mad About You, CBS’s That’s Life, HBO’s Mind of the Married Man, Showtime’s special Pryor Offenses starring Eddie Griffin and Exes and Oh’s for LOGO. He also has written for several Emmy and Academy Awards telecasts, including the 2009 Emmy telecast.

“My major goal in educating is (to overuse an overused word) “empower” other writers. My wife assures me this is due to my no longer having any actual power myself. My kids and pets concur, but they are all in cahoots. By “empower” I mean to help you tap into you. How to write from your own guts and experience and passion and nightmares and silliness, even when you’re writing about characters who a) you didn’t create and b) are in situations you’ve never faced (after all, how many of us have been marooned on a desert island or been married to a henpecked sportswriter?). So many new writers I have worked with, and who’ve worked for me, think writing on a TV series is one thing, and are floored when they realize what it’s really about. “Nobody told me this would happen” is a common refrain. I’d like you to at least be able to say “well, he told me this would happen.”