Best of NFMLA

A spectacular awards program recognizing the best talent in independent cinema from around the globe.

The evening will honor 117 nominees across 16 Award categories including narrative, documentary, animation, new media, direction, screenplay, performance, sound design, score, cinematography and editing. The nominees are comprised of content that as part of the NFMLA Monthly Film Festival 2019 season which ran from January 1st, 2019 and December 31st, 2019.


Best Feature

The Turn Out

Dir. & Prod. by Pearl Gluck
Best Documentary Feature

The Condor & The Eagle

Dir. by Sophie Guerra & Clement Guerra, Prod. by Janet MacGillivray
Best Short Film, Comedy


Dir. by Adria Tennor, Prod. by Cindi Knapton & Adria Tennor
Best Short Film, Drama

Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)

Dir. and Prod. by Michelle Salcedo
Best Short Film, Documentary

Fast Horse

Dir. by Alexandra Lazarowich, Prod. by Niobe Thompson
Best Short Foreign Film, Drama

Tangles and Knots

Dir. by Renée Marie Petropoulos, Prod. by Yingna Lu
Best Short Foreign Film, Comedy

Dunya's Day

Dir. by Raed Alsemari, Prod. by Sarah Elnawasrah
Best Short Film, Animated


Dir. and Prod. by Siqi Song
Best Screenplay

Son of a Dancer

Writ. by Georges Hazim
Best New Media


Dir. by John Charter, Prod. by Paul Kaiser & John Charter
Best Performance, Comedy

Evan Alex

Best Performance, Drama

Patricia Meneses

We Vanish
Best Cinematography

Enrico Silva

Best Film Editing

Habib Semaan

Best Sound Design

Jason Martin Castillo

Best Score

David Bashford

Best New Filmmaker of the Year

Michelle Salcedo

Piel Canela (Cinnamon Skin)

The Best of NFMLA Award Nominees from the 12th edition of the NFMLA Monthly Film Festival season

Documentary Feature
Documentary Short
New Media
International Comedy
International Drama
Drama Short
Comedy Short
Performance Drama