Student Mentorship Program

Professional Experience

NFMLA’s CineSessions High School Student Mentorship Program invites Los Angeles County High School students to participate in an array of opportunities that are offered on a monthly basis throughout the year. These interactive programs explore various areas of entertainment, including but not limited to production opportunities and general careers in media.

Build Your Resume

CineSessions programming is made possible by NBCU AcademySnap Foundation, LBA Realty, California Arts Council, LA County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell, California Workforce Development Board (CWDB)Sunset Studios and Bridges/Larson Foundation. Students who participate in this program gain real world professional experience, build their resume and expand their connections in the media industry.

Different Roles

CineSession experiences offer a glimpse into many different roles. Some of these opportunities include:

  • Cinematography (camera operation, shooting techniques, framing shots)
  • Development Executive (cultivating new talent for episodic series and film)
  • Directing (set language, scene composition, blocking talent)
  • Distribution Executive (programming content for streaming, broadcast and cinemas)
  • Lighting (three-point-lighting, soft vs. hard & natural vs. artificial lighting)
  • Film Criticism (reviewing of films and TV series)
  • Sound Recording (sound recording on boom, pistol and lav mics)
  • Marketing (creating public facing campaigns for episodic and film content)
  • Production Management (creating call sheets and shooting schedules)

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