Monthly Film Festival

April 13, 2013 04:42pm PDT - 05:42pm PDT
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Shadows of Liberty

Documentary Film Program
Director: Jean-Philippe Tremblay
Time: 93 Mins. – Country: United Kingdom
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Great Western

Shorts Program
Director: Tanya Goldberg
Time: 11 Mins. – Country: Australia
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Shorts Program
Director: Phillip Clark Davis
Time: 7 Mins. – Country: USA
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Leo’s Love(s)

Shorts Program
Director: Alan Weischedel
Time: 26 Mins. – Country: USA
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Dog Ghost

Shorts Program
Director: Calvin Robertson
Time: 14 Mins. – Country: USA
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Feature Program
Director: Eric Levy and Juan Cardarelli
Time: 93 Mins. – Country: USA
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