Monthly Film Festival

August 03, 2024 03:00pm PDT - 10:00pm PDT

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA)’s August line-up celebrates emerging filmmakers both near and far, featuring InFocus: International Animation, a program of exciting animated work from all around the world, a selection of California-made short films and a collection of work made in the city of Los Angeles.

The day begins with shorts program InFocus: International Animation, a slate of animated films and stories from Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Japan, Netherlands and USA by an array of international talent. The program encompasses a variety of animation styles that capture our imaginations and tell powerful stories.

The afternoon’s programming continues Made in Los Angeles, a closer look at the city of Los Angeles through a selection of short form storytelling that explores relationship dynamics, cultural identity, staying true to our values, our unhoused neighbors, and grief, all made right here in LA.

The night concludes with Made In California, a selection of films shot throughout the versatile state of California, from the wilderness to the city to the suburbs to the desert to the beach. The Californian stories gathered here are full of laughs, pain, perseverance and reverence.

NFMLA showcases films by filmmakers of all backgrounds throughout the year, across both our general and InFocus programming. All filmmakers are welcome and encouraged to submit their projects for consideration for upcoming NFMLA Festivals, regardless of the schedule for InFocus programming, which celebrates diversity, inclusion and region by spotlighting communities of filmmakers within our filmmaking community as part of our monthly program. This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

The South Park Center is an ADA compliant venue and is wheelchair accessible. We request captioned films from all filmmakers participating at our Festival. For any accessibility needs, please send a request to at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Schedule Details

Program #1 – InFocus: International Animation
3:00 PM – 3:30 PM – Pre-Reception
3:30 PM – 4:45 PM – Program
4:45 PM – 5:00 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #2 – Made in LA
5:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Pre-Reception
5:30 PM – 7:15 PM – Program
7:15 PM – 7:30 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #3 –Made in California
7:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Pre-Reception
8:00 PM – 9:45 PM – Program
9:45 PM – 10:00 PM – Audience Q&A

Event Location

Event Entrance
1139 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Paid Parking
1133 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

InFocus: International Animation
Joie Thumbnail
Dir. Hing Ang, Veronica Wain, Writ. Veronica Wain & Prod. Dianna La Grassa
7 Mins | Australia
Welcome to 8th Street
Dir. Yoo Lee, Writ. Yoo Lee & Prod. Amanda Miller, Xin Li
7 Mins | USA
Flames Thumbnail
Dir. Haley / Kai Rhéaume - Jacobson, Writ. & Prod.
2 Mins | Canada
Ecosphere Thumbnail
Dir. Vito Pistone, Writ. Vito Pistone & Prod. Vito Pistone
7 Mins | Belgium
Edith and the Tall Child
Dir. Kohana Wilson, Writ. & Prod.
7 Mins | USA/Japan
Dona Beatriz Ñsîmba Vita
Dir. Catapreta, Writ. Leonardo Cata Preta Souza & Prod. Catapreta
20 Mins | Brazil
BARANI Thumbnail
Dir. James Hackett, Jake Duczynski, Writ. James Hackett, Jake Duczynski & Prod. Melissa Azizi
7 Mins | Australia
The Grand Book
Dir. Arjan Brentjes, Writ. Arjan Brentjes & Prod. Richard Valk
20 Mins | Netherlands
Made in LA
The Arrangement Thumbnail
The Arrangement
Dir. Brett Maline, Writ. Jessica Pohly & Prod. Jessica Pohly, Brett Maline, Jake Isaacs
6 Mins | USA
Sin Raíces Thumbnail
Sin Raíces
Dir. Gabriella Athena Moses, Writ. Gabriella Athena Moses & Prod. Lissette Feliciano, Charlie Schmidlin, Annalie Gernert, Shruti Rya Ganguly, Polina Buchak
16 Mins | USA
Physical Therapy
Dir. Ahuatl Amaro, Writ. Ahuatl Amaro & Prod. Brian Bonilla, Jason Genao
9 Mins | USA
I Am Gustavo Thumbnail
I Am Gustavo
Dir. Melissa Phillips, Writ. & Prod.
7 Mins | USA
Dir. Conner De Mita, Writ. Conner De Mita, Ari Jacobson & Prod. Seb Steinberger
17 Mins | USA
Order for Pickup
Dir. Jackie! Zhou, Writ. Jackie! Zhou & Prod. Reef Oldberg
13 Mins | USA
The Three Phases of Isa Thumbnail
The Three Phases of Isa
Dir. Andi Chapman, Writ. Mildred Marie Langford & Prod. Mildred Marie Langford, Conisha Wade, Jessica E. Williams
16 Mins | USA
Sorry Grandpa Hsaio
"Dir. Candace Ho, Writ. Candace Ho & Prod. Selena Leoni, Mireia Vilanova "
13 Mins | USA
Made in California
Comin’ In Hot
Dir. Adriana Vecchioli, Writ. Adriana Vecchioli & Prod. Martine Melloul, Cosmos Kiindarius
13 Mins | France
Navel Gazer
Dir. Shirin Mori, Writ. Shirin Mori & Prod. Ky Shin, Max Sokoloff, Rachel Clyde
18 Mins | USA
In The Shadows Thumbnail
In The Shadows
Dir. Nico Isaque Barrett, Writ. Nico Isaque Barrett & Prod. Nico Isaque Barrett
11 Mins | USA
Back to the Garden Thumbnail
Back to the Garden
Dir. Steven Wilson, Writ. & Prod.
5 Mins | USA
Bunny Guard Thumbnail
Bunny Guard
Dir. Ho Chung Tang, Writ. Ho Chung Tang & Prod. Yuka Saito
8 Mins | USA
Strangers Under My Skin Thumbnail
Strangers Under My Skin
Dir. Yifan Xiang, Writ. Yifan Xiang & Prod. Nicole Shan, Jiamin Ling
4 Mins | USA
The Ride Thumbnail
The Ride
Dir. Christina YR Lim, Writ. Kimberly Truong & Prod. Amanda Arya
16 Mins | USA
POP! Thumbnail
Dir. Alexandra Hsu, Writ. Michael Cumes & Prod. Alexandra Hsu, Roxy Shih
22 Mins | USA