Monthly Film Festival

July 22, 2017 12:00am PDT - 11:59pm PDT

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Shorts Program #1
5:00PM Pre-screening Reception
5:30PM Short Film Screenings
7:00PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #2 – InFocus: Military Veterans and the effects of War
6:45PM Pre-screening Reception
7:30PM Short Film Screenings
9:10PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #3
9:00PM Pre-screening Reception
9:45PM Short Film Screenings
11:15PM Post-screening Q&A

Event Entrance
1139 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles 90015

1133 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) on Saturday, July 22nd for an exciting evening of independent cinema. This month the festival is hosting Lexus Short Films (LSF) in partnership with The Weinstein Company. LSF is an initiative that supports up-and-coming filmmakers by creating an opportunity for them explore the art of filmmaking using all the latest technology and guided by renowned industry experts. NFMLA will be showing three short films created as part of the LSF 2016 edition.

For Season 4 of LSF, the esteemed filmmaker selection committee is comprised of Oscar nominee, writer and actor Taylor Sheridan (HELL OR HIGH WATER, SICARIO, SONS OF ANARCHY) alongside key executives of The Weinstein Company and Lexus. Joey Horvitz with The Weinstein Company will return to produce this year’s series of films, and is joining NFMLA on July 22nd to connect with festival attendees and filmmakers interested in participating in the program.

NFMLA also welcomes co-hosts, the film industry’s first online marketplace that helps connect properties to filmmakers directly for free, and The Script Lab Summit, which is an educational event for the entire global screenwriting community.

This month’s festival programming begins with a collection of short films from a emerging filmmakers. From stories of a professional bank robber stealing someone’s heart, to a young father torn between the miracle of child birth, and the miracle of Ireland reaching the World Cup Quarter Finals, this shorts program spotlights a wide range of original narratives.

In the second film program, NFMLA presents another installment of the InFocus Series, “Military Veterans and the Effects of War.” Featured in this program is an honest meditation on the tragic 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, a provocative take on the effects of PTSD, and a futuristic story, set in 2064, about a grandfather forced to tell his grandson about his service in the third world war. This eccentric program highlights international cinema from France, Lebanon, and Romania.

To close out the night, viewers are invited to glimpse into the worlds of a young Chinese girl living in Los Angeles, the sometimes overwhelming demands of a promised commitment to a loved one, and a seemingly defenseless woman, after being savagely attacked by a group of vicious men, revealing her clever strength that lies far beneath the surface.

Throughout the event, attendees will have opportunities to mingle with the selected festival filmmakers, industry professionals and film lovers with a full bar in the Filmmaker Lounge at the South Park Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Shorts Program #1
[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=”0ExeYdvNULQ” width=”640″ height=”480″ anchor=””]

The Nation Holds Its Breath

Dir. & Writ. by Kev Cahill
Time: 20 Mins. – Ireland
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon

Cry It Out

Dir. & Writ. by John Klein
Time: 26 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon

Bank Robber’s Serenade

Dir. & Writ. by Guillaume de Ginestel
Time: 23 Mins. – France
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon

Emerald City

Dir. Scott Coffey | Writ. by Ali Eagle & Dominique Roberts
Time: 15 Mins. – USA / Ireland
» Film Synopsis
Shorts Program #2 – InFocus: Military Veterans and the effects of War
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Friday Night

Dir. & Writ. by Alexis Michalik
Time: 15 Mins. – USA / France
» Film Synopsis
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Status Quo

Dir. & Writ. by Marie-Rose Osta
Time: 20 Mins. – Lebanon
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon


Dir. & Writ. by Ciprian Iacob
Time: 9 Mins. – Romania
» Film Synopsis
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Killed In Action

Dir. & Writ. by Christine Weatherup
Time: 13 Mins. – USA
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She Will Be Loved

Dir. & Writ. by Chadwick Pelletier
Time: 31 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
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A Field Between

Dir. by Mundo Sisters | Writ. by Rena Mundo Croshere
Time: 15 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
Shorts Program #3
Coming Soon

Time for Tea

Dir. Bob Yang | Writ. by Bob Yang & Frederico Evaristo
Time: 22 Mins. – Brazil
» Film Synopsis
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Dir. & Writ. by Jeannie Donohoe
Time: 16 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
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When Kids Grow Up

Dir. by Shahaub Roudbari | Writ. by Marissa Labog
Time: 10 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
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The Perfect Nothing

Dir. & Writ. by Edward Shieh
Time: 6 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon

The Best and the Loneliest Days

Dir. & Writ. by Qianzhu Luo
Time: 16 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
Coming Soon

Cecil & Carl

Dir. by Elvis Leon & Gastón Yvorra
Time: 15 Mins. – USA
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