Monthly Film Festival

June 28, 2020

Join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) and Outfest in celebrating LGBTQ+ filmmakers with InFocus: LGBTQ+ with a pair of shorts programs. Additionally, the day’s programming also includes an opening selection of local and International shorts. The day’s event is Powered by Seed&Spark on their virtual festival platform, and each screening will be followed by a live Q&A via Zoom.

The day kicks off with Shorts Program # 1: Belated Spring, a selection of highlights that NFMLA has been holding onto since the start of spring and is excited to finally share! This block offers a multi-note mix of thought-provoking drama, complex comedy, purposeful animation, uplifting music and vivid surrealism as it tells stories about friendship, survival, and the quest to find (and make) meaning.

The afternoon continues with Shorts Program #2: Gender Expression & Identity. In celebration of Pride month, this curated collection of narratives and documentaries was programmed in partnership with Outfest as part of InFocus: LGBTQ+ and brings together perspectives that explore gender expression and identity through art, politics and family, creating connections between individual experience and the culture at large.

The night’s final program, Shorts Program #3: Going For It celebrates the talent of LGBTQ+ creators behind the camera with this selection of short films, music videos and episodes featured as part of InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema. Capturing a wide range of storytelling on diverse topics, this program offers us characters going for the life and world they want, navigating everything from complex family dynamics to street harassment to loneliness, with a mixture of insight, humor, and extremely danceable music.

Shorts Program #1: Belated Spring
Work – Journey Christine Thumbnail
Work – Journey Christine
Dir. Ian M. Cawley
2 Mins | USA
Being Here
Dir. Sydney O'Haire
20 Mins | USA
Dir. Cameron Fife
17 Mins | USA
Shears n’ Gears Thumbnail
Shears n’ Gears
Dir. Nicholas Culleton
4 Mins | USA
Connecting the Dots
Dir. Julie Pacino
17 Mins | USA
Loving Byron Thumbnail
Loving Byron
Dir. Deante' Gray
15 Mins | USA
Princess Rita
Dir. Blair Waters
10 Mins | USA
Catch of the Day Thumbnail
Catch of the Day
Dir. Winchey Zheng
12 Mins | China
Shorts Program #2: InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema - Gender Expression & Identity (In Partnership with Outfest)
Bind Thumbnail
Dir. Emory Chao Johnson
3 Mins | USA
Candis for President Thumbnail
Candis for President
Dir. Michelle Peerali
12 Mins | USA
Elle Pérez Works Between the Frame
Dir. by Lorena Alvarado and Adam Golfer
6 Mins | USA
The Pupal Stage Thumbnail
The Pupal Stage
Dir. Tee Jaehyung Park
7 Mins | USA
Jes Fan in Flux Thumbnail
Jes Fan in Flux
Dir. Brian Redondo
7 Mins | USA
Close to You Thumbnail
Close to You
Dir. Kevin Yu
13 Mins | USA
Translucent Thumbnail
Dir. Azzan Quick
17 Mins | USA
Just Another Beautiful Family
Dir. Katherine North
19 Mins | Canada
Shorts Program #3: InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema - Going For It
Take One Thing Off (Episode One: COUNTDOWN)
Dir. Scout Durwood
3 Mins | USA
Take One Thing Off (Episode Four: All the Pretty Bottles) Thumbnail
Take One Thing Off (Episode Four: All the Pretty Bottles)
Dir. Scout Durwood
11 Mins | USA
Cool for Five Seconds Thumbnail
Cool for Five Seconds
Dir. Dani Wieder
12 Mins | USA
Dir. Brandon English
5 Mins | USA
The Safety Plan (Chapter 3)
Dir. Jesse Randall
10 Mins | USA
Bystander Thumbnail
Dir. Dominic Guidry
11 Mins | USA
Take One Thing Off (Episode Nine: The Hate Crime) Thumbnail
Take One Thing Off (Episode Nine: The Hate Crime)
Dir. Scout Durwood
Mins | USA
Monsieur Thumbnail
Dir. Thomas Ducastel
23 Mins | France