NFMLA Panel | Distribution and Acquisitions with Emma Manfredi

October 21, 2022 03:00pm PDT - 04:00pm PDT
Emma Manfredi
Fuse Media

Join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) for a conversation with Emma Manfredi, Digital Distribution Manager at Fuse Media, about how films–and indie films in particular–go through the acquisitions and distribution process. Emma will discuss her experience in the distribution/acquisitions space, how a film is seen through the process, what you can do as a creative to get your film acquired and distributed, and her commitment to distributing stories by diverse filmmakers.

About Emma Manfredi

Emma has a background in distribution and acquisition of indie films. She’s previously worked for The Orchard, 1091 Pictures & Giant Pictures. Her goal has always been to help share diverse stories and elevate filmmakers. Now, as the Digital Distribution Manager at Fuse Media, Emma is focusing on the distribution of FAST channels and helping more audiences discover new stories.