NFMLA Panel | FilmTrack and Entertainment Rights

January 14, 2022 01:00pm PST - 02:30pm PST

Join NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) for a panel in partnership with FilmTrack, a company devoted to making it easier to manage entertainment rights, financials, and intellectual property. The panel will feature Jason Kassin, CEO and Co-Founder of FilmTrack, who will discuss the role of entertainment rights and IP in the film industry, as well as how to manage contracts, financials, licensing, and content in order to make your process as a filmmaker run smoothly. Jason will provide insider insight into elements of the business and organization side of making your film.

About Jason Kassin (CEO & Co-founder of FilmTrack):

A New York native and lifelong computer engineer, Jason is a leading expert in rights and content management solutions for the media & entertainment sector. Jason co-founded FilmTrack in the late 90s after being asked to design contract administration software for some of the oldest and most respected names in international film distribution. Since its inception, he has evolved the company into an extensive ecosystem that encompasses content creation, distribution, rights management, and monetization. As the CEO and company visionary, Jason is responsible for orchestrating the strategic development of FilmTrack products and solutions. Prior to FilmTrack, Jason built his own successful software consulting business while also appearing in films and television programs; he also sold film and TV pilot scripts to DreamWorks, Fox, NBC, and Paramount. Jason obtained a degree in Film and Theater from Vassar College.

About FilmTrack:

Founded in 1996, FilmTrack is the global standard in entertainment rights management and associated financials. They provide end-to-end SaaS solutions and specialize in simplifying the complexities of managing and licensing intellectual property. FilmTrack’s cloud-based platform allows entertainment and new media companies to manage contracts, rights, financials, royalties and participations all under one roof. Visit to learn more.