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October 01, 2017 12:00am PDT - 11:59pm PDT




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NewFilmmakers Los Angeles in conjunction with the Producers Guild of America (PGA) proudly present a screening event in celebration of the Make Your Mark Weekend Shorts Competition on Saturday, November 11th at the South Park Center in Downtown LA. The event will open with a red carpet reception, screen the Top 10 short films (5 minutes each in length), and culminate with an awards show and closing with food and drinks.

The mission of the Make Your Mark Weekend Shorts Competition Presented By The Producers Guild of America (PGA), is to support talented emerging producers by using the inspirational spirit of the industry’s top Producers to spark the imagination of new generations of storytellers. Entries for the program reflect themes and elements found in the work of a well-established producer’s films. This year legendary producer Mike Nichols was the inspiration. Select program judges include Kathy Bates (Actor – Disjointed), Jon Brence (Fullscreen), Gary Goetzman (Producer – The Silence of the Lambs), Gary Lucchesi (Producer – Million Dollar Baby), Lori McCreary (Producer – Invictus) and Chris Moore (Producer – Manchester by the Sea).

Revenues raised by the competition will be used to further educational outreach for producers and emerging filmmakers through the Producers Guild Foundation.

The event will be hosted by Vance Van Petten, National Executive Director of the PGA.

*This screening event is not part of the outlined competition or related to the judging for the competition. Finalist filmmakers are not required to attend.

6:30PM – Reception | Red Carpet
8:00PM – Screening
9:00PM – Awards Presentation
9:30PM – Closing reception
Event Address
Venue: South Park Center – 1139 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Event Parking ($5)
South Park Center – 1133 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015


Coming Soon


Prod. by Ethan Cushing & Christin Mizzelle
Coming Soon

Beautiful Strangers

Prod. by AJ Vargas
Coming Soon

Children of the Revolution

Prod. by Michael A. Bina & Shawn Shekarchian
Coming Soon

Cold War, Warm Hearts

Prod. by Dianna Ippolito & Dante Yore
Coming Soon


Prod. by Auriel Jimenez & Carlos M Jimenez
Coming Soon

Magnetic Players

Prod. by Kimmie H. Kim
Coming Soon


Prod. by Jeremy Diller & MJ Anderson
Coming Soon

The Family Robinson

Prod. by Emily Wirth
Coming Soon

The Empire

Prod. by Susan Davis
Coming Soon

To My Son:

Prod. by Austin Kase, Jeff Ayars