Saturday, October 7th 2017

Sunset Las Palmas Studios | 7pm - 11pm

7:00pm - Pre-Reception
8:00pm - Opening Program Remarks
8:30pm - On Location Program Screening
10:00pm – Awards Ceremony & Closing Remarks
10:45pm – After Party
11:00pm - It's a Wrap!

Venue entry address (no parking here):

Sunset Las Palmas Studios
1040 N Las Palmas Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Venue parking address (parking included with admission):

Sunset Las Palmas Studios - Parking Lot D & E
6698 Romaine St
Los Angeles, CA 90038


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Over 24 films will be screening with one grand prize winner!
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$30 and include admission, food, drinks and parking


City of Angels

Directed by Jaffar Richardson | 3 Min

An ethereal look through the city of Los Angeles.

Best Friend

Directed by Cory Reeder | 5 Min

After moving across the country a little girl finds more than a best friend when her parents let her adopt a dog.


Directed by Ian Rutherford | 2 Min

What gives the city life?

The Angeleno Hunter

Directed by Elaine Loh | 5 Min

The Angeleno Hunter is a parody of the Crocodile Hunter -- but instead of investigating the wild creatures of Africa, the Angeleno Hunter instead focuses on the curious “creatures” within the borders of the City of Angels.

And I Was Young

Directed by Rachel Zhou | 2 Min

An exploration of the loneliness experienced by young adults who are seeking their path in LA.

Directed by Fr3deR1cK Taylor | 5 Min

A ten year-old transgender girl comes of age and reaches for her dreams in the City of Angels.

Los Angeles In Motion

Directed by David Jackson | 5 Min

Los Angeles In Motion reminds us to remember that the journey is just as important as the destination.

A Santa Monica Story

Directed by Patrick W Bramley | 3 Min

An Irish nomad moves to Santa Monica in search of new experiences.

What Is Your LA?

Directed by Drake Ford | 3 Min

Dancing around LA hot spots!

LA Awaits

Directed by Janna Macatangay | 4 Min

A young post-graduate living in Los Angeles sinks into a mundane yet comfortable lifestyle until something shakes him to break out of his monotonous routine.

Morrow Heights

Directed by Chelsea Woods | 5 Min

Long-time Ladera Heights residents Dion and Glynis Morrow recount their lives and connection to Black middle class life in the neighborhood that's known as the "Black Beverly Hills".

DTLA In Motion

Directed by Vadim Tereshchenko | 2 Min

A compilation of hyper-lapse clips of Downtown LA.

Angel City

Directed by Francisco Lorite | 2 Min

A driver leaving Los Angeles in his classic car has second thoughts when he keeps seeing the same beautiful girl throughout the city.

Welcome Home

Directed by Mojo Tuheen, Katherine Kearns and Katie Lemon | 4 Min

After moving back to Los Angeles, a young woman rediscovers her love for the city through a scavenger hunt set up by her longtime friend.


Directed by Kristen Hansen | 5 Min

A young man adventures through Los Angeles with his close friends, coping with the loss of his late brother by leaving his images across the city.

Busy, Baby

Directed by Provvidenza Catalano | 3 Min

When in LA, make a film...right?

24 Hours In Los Angeles

Directed by Caleb des Cognets and Michael Izquierdo | 3 Min

Under, Over, Through--See Los Angeles like never before.

Ghost Riding Trains

Directed by Cosmos Kiindarius | 2 Min

A warning to the pitfalls of losing control of your life.

City of Love

Directed by Bonnie Suarez | 4 Min

Los Angeles, The city that loves unique beauty in its people.

My Los Angeles - Angel's View

Directed by Evan Thomas | 2 Min

Discover Los Angeles from the sky.

Los Angeles, Be Kind

Directed by Joe Mackedanz | 5 Min

A young mid-westerner spends a day in LA to decide if he wants to move to the coast for college.?

LA Promo Tour

Directed by Eddie Barber | 2 Min

A musical visual tour of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

This. Of View

Directed by Celine Bermejo | 3 Min

A music video spotlighting Eileen Kim and The LTTR.Z and their on-going journey as artists in LA.

Yolandi’s Los Angeles

Directed by Scott Gordon & Sherise Seven | 2 Min

Yolandi, a four pound Chihuahua, gives a special tour of her city, Los Angeles.

LA, With Love

Directed by Ashleigh Coffelt | 5 Min

Tyler guides his girlfriend, Kayla through a scavenger hunt of memorable places in their relationship through LA.

LA: Dream Chasers

Directed by Kalon Atkins | 3 Min

Always chase your dreams.

Event Host

Patrick Fabian

Patrick Fabian

Better Call Saul

Live Performance

Dylan Dunlap

Dylan Dunlap


Remarks and Presenters

Bob Blumenfield

Bob Blumenfield

LA City Councilmember | CD3
Patrick Fabian

Oscar Nuñez

Actor (People of Earth & The Office)
Mandy Fabian

Mandy Fabian

Writer | Director
Michael Mando

Michael Mando

Better Call Saul
Judith Hoag

Judith Hoag

Sadie Stratton

Sadie Stratton

Stef Dawson

Stef Dawson

The Hunger Games
Christopher Barton

Christopher Barton

Hudson Pacific Properties
Gato Scatena

Gato Scatena

Film Financier | Producer
Varda Bar-Kar

Varda Bar-Kar

Filmmaker | NFMLA Board Co-Chair
Kevin James

Kevin James

Chief Film Liaison | LA City Mayor Eric Garcetti
Danny De Lillo

Danny De Lillo

Actor | NFMLA Board Chair
Kyle McAuley

Kyle McAuley

NFMLA Alumni | NFMLA On Location Co-Chair
Larry Laboe

Larry Laboe

Producer | NFMLA Executive Director & Co-Founder

Event DJ

Jason Kramer

Jason Kramer




$30 and include admission, food, drinks and parking

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