Monthly Film Festival

June 17, 2023 03:30pm PDT - 10:30pm PDT
Industry Delegates
Montserrat Gómez
Rebecca Shapiro
Lea Pictures
Cynthia Francillon
Annika Patton
Temple Hill
Luis Pinerio
A3 Artists Agency

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) hosts its June Monthly Film Festival wholly dedicated to its celebration of its annual InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema program. The day consists of three InFocus: LGBTQ+ shorts programs showcasing a diverse range of exciting work from emerging LGBTQ+ creators whose films have screened at a variety of festivals and will take you on a journey.

The day begins with InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema Shorts I, a collection of films about living life out loud. This block is full of stories of characters finding their truth and exploring. From open relationships to gender identity to the leather scene to careers to intense drag personas, these stories will delight, inspire and confront hate and misunderstanding in poignant, humorous and cathartic ways.

The afternoon continues with InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema Shorts II, a selection of stories about turning points where characters find themselves in a new reality they must cope with – reconnecting with a biological child, comforting their own internalized gender stereotypes, grappling with sexuality later in life, homelessness, finding support during a quietly harrowing middle school fiend trip, and accepting that an ex has moved on.

The evening concludes with InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema Shorts III, a curatorial line-up of films centering queer joy – stories of celebration, love, acceptance, and finding your people and place in the world. From hopeless romantics to supportive mothers to the nervous system- regulating joy of building a true home.

NFMLA showcases films by filmmakers of all backgrounds throughout the year, across both our general and InFocus programming. All filmmakers are welcome and encouraged to submit their projects for consideration for upcoming NFMLA Festivals, regardless of the schedule for InFocus programming, which celebrates diversity, inclusion and region by spotlighting communities of filmmakers within our filmmaking community as part of our monthly program. This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

For any accessibility needs, please send a request to at least 72 hours prior to the event.

Schedule Details

Program #1 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts I
3:30 PM – 4:00 PM – Pre-Reception
4:00 PM – 5:45 PM – Program
5:45 PM – 6:00 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #2 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts II
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM – Pre-Reception
6:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Program
8:00 PM – 8:15 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #3 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts III
8:15 PM – 8:45 PM – Pre-Reception
8:45 PM – 10:15 PM – Program
10:15 PM – 10:30 PM – Audience Q&A

Event Location

Event Entrance
1139 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Paid Parking
1133 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Program #1 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts I
Spirit Day Thumbnail
Spirit Day
Dir. Annie Knight, Greg Shea, Writ. Annie Knight, Greg Shea, Calvin Tafel & Prod.
10 Mins | USA
Open To It (Episode 4: Open To Voyeurism)
Dir. Frank Arthur Smith, Writ. Frank Arthur Smith & Prod. Afrika Jonée, Greg Wolf, Matt Hartman, Sarah Whitaker
16 Mins | USA
Dir. Orlando Bedolla, Writ. & Prod. Yuliana Franco & David Mosqueda
11 Mins | USA
To Ken With Love
Dir. Mike Talplacido, Writ. Mike Talplacido & Prod. Mike Talplacido
19 Mins | USA
Hex The Patriarchy
Dir. Anne Brashier, Writ. Heather Muriel Nguyễn & Prod. Anne Brashier, Heather Muriel Nguyễn, Xan Churchwell
6 Mins | USA
Regret To Inform You
Dir. Yusuf Nasir, Writ. Yusuf Nasir & Prod. Yusuf Nasir, Harvey Mason Jr.
13 Mins | USA
Blue Square Heart
Dir. William Venus Means, Writ. William Venus Means & Prod. Olia Zimarova, Yulia Safonova, Jay Swuen
30 Mins | USA
Program #2 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts II
Look Like You
Dir. Snigdha Kapoor, Writ. Snigdha Kapoor & Prod. Pulkit Datta, Lauren Sowa
13 Mins | USA
Piercing Thumbnail
Dir. Nathaniel Gualtieri, Writ. Nathaniel Gualtieri & Prod. Irina Slepneva, Sarah Jones, Nicole Ledoux
7 Mins | USA
After Sunset, Dawn Arrives
Dir. Andy Yi Li, Writ. Andy Yi Li & Prod. Andy Yi Li, Lameng Bei, Yaxing Lin, Yifan Wang
17 Mins | USA
Spare Change (Pilot Episode)
Dir. Jesse Randall, Writ. Jesse Randall & Prod. Jesse Randall, Asha Doucet
13 Mins | USA
Sound To Sea Thumbnail
Sound To Sea
Dir. Ryan Craver, Writ. Ryan Craver & Prod. Ryan Craver, Barbara Twist
26 Mins | USA
Mal De Amores (Lovesick)
Dir. Fiorella Vescovi Garcia, Writ. Fiorella Vescovi Garcia, Kyle Selby & Prod. Leah Meyerhoff, Elizabeth Meza, Thailin Silva
15 Mins | USA
Program #3 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts III
The Delusion Of Pisces
Dir. Andrés Orlando Orellana, Writ. Andrés Orlando Orellana & Prod. Andrés Orlando Orellana, Brian Pham, Antonio Cruz De La Cruz
13 Mins | USA
Next Of Kin
Dir. Timothy Guion Smith, Writ. Timothy Guion Smith & Prod. Timothy Guion Smith, Maria Timonina, Naleeka Dennis, Jenn Santos, Emily Katter, Vishal Patel
14 Mins | USA
A Spell For A Queer Home
Dir. Amanda Madden, Writ. Amanda Madden & Prod. Amanda Madden
40 Mins | USA
Jelly Bean
Dir. Nessa Norich, Writ. Nessa Norich & Prod. Nessa Norich, Katy McClellan
13 Mins | USA