Monthly Film Festival

June 18, 2022 01:30pm PDT - 10:45pm PDT

Please ensure that you have been vaccinated with proof of vaccination or be ready to present a negative COVID-19 test in order to attend any live in person programming, events or interviews (herein referred to as ‘activity’).

If you are not vaccinated and are presenting a negative COVID-19 test for entry, the test MUST BE TAKEN WITHIN 72 HOURS OF YOU ATTENDING EACH ACTIVITY DATE.

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NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) hosts its June Monthly Film Festival featuring an exciting and packed event that includes both its annual InFocus: LGBTQ+ and InFocus: Disability programs. The day includes a presentation of the finalist films from this year’s Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, the LA premiere of Triple Threat, Stacey Maltin’s queer feature set in the world of music theatre, and two InFocus: LGBTQ+ shorts programs showcasing work from emerging LGBTQ+ creators.

The day begins with an InFocus: Disability celebration of the finalists of this year’s Easterseals Disability Film Challenge with a screening of all of the finalist films. The Easterseals Disability Film Challenge gives filmmakers—with and without disabilities—the opportunity to collaborate to tell unique stories that showcase disability talent in its many forms, in front of and behind the camera. The film challenge is a weekend-long filmmaking contest, open to all, that provides a platform for new voices in the entertainment industry. Each year, aspiring storytellers are prompted to creatively write, produce and complete a short film. Challenge winners receive invaluable access to entertainment professionals, opening the door to an industry notoriously difficult to enter.

The afternoon continues with InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema Shorts I, a program that explores personal and community journeys in poignant, funny and powerful ways. Milestones, rights of passage, acts of self-determination and meditations on the passage of time run through these stories. They include the story of preteen girl picking out her first bra through an elaborate ritual, a woman forced to truly face herself during early pandemic isolation, a year in the life of a community gathered around an historic desert roadside attraction, a portrait of one artist’s reflections on the interplay between gender and visa status, one man’s vulnerable confessions to a elderly relative, and a transgender woman navigating the beaurocracy of reporting for mandatory military service.

Next up is the LA premiere of writer-director Stacey Maltin’s feature film Triple Threat, a musical dramedy that turns gendered tropes about dreams and the meaning of success on their head. “Triple Threat is for every theater kid yearning to make it big, every family bonded by friendship, and anyone who’s put it all on the line to realize their dreams,” writes Maltin.

The evening concludes with InFocus: LGBTQ+ Cinema Shorts II, a collection centered on relationships, the ways we imagine them and the ways they are in reality in all their messy glory. An exploration of the myriad ways there are to connect. Stories here include a connection made during an underground stand-off, a bisexual man whose date comes up with a creative solution for social distancing, a pair of young men meeting to rehash their complicated past, a couple opening their relationship to a third, the exploration of the depth of female friendship as one friend realizes she wants more, a divine New York romance, a transformative road trip in a time of grief, a couple’s experience of a haunting psychedelic trip, and a dazzling blast from the past for one director.

NFMLA showcases films by filmmakers of all backgrounds throughout the year, across both our general and InFocus programming. All filmmakers are welcome and encouraged to submit their projects for consideration for upcoming NFMLA Festivals, regardless of the schedule for InFocus programming, which celebrates diversity, inclusion and region by spotlighting communities of filmmakers within our filmmaking community as part of our monthly program. This project is supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Schedule Details

Program #1 – Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Finalists
1:30 PM – 1:30 PM – Pre-Reception
1:30 PM – 2:30 PM – Program
2:30 PM – 2:45 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #2 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts I
2:45 PM – 3:15 PM – Pre-Reception
3:15 PM – 5:15 PM – Program
5:15 PM – 5:30 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #3 – Feature: Triple Threat
5:30 PM – 6:00 PM – Pre-Reception
6:00 PM – 7:45 PM – Program
7:45 PM – 8:00 PM – Audience Q&A

Program #4 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts II
8:00 PM – 8:30 PM – Pre-Reception
8:30 PM – 10:15 PM – Program
10:15 PM – 10:30 PM – Audience Q&A

Event Location

Event Entrance
1139 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles 90015

Parking (fee)
1133 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Program #1 – Easterseals Disability Film Challenge Finalists
Andy & Kaliope Thumbnail
Andy & Kaliope
Dir. Crystal Arnette, Catriona Rubenis-Stevens, Writ. Rachel Handler & Prod. Rachel Handler, Shannon Ryann
6 Mins | United States
Mac & Cheese Thumbnail
Mac & Cheese
Dir. Amanda Pinto, Writ. Yianni Papadimos & Prod. Sommer Carbuccia
5 Mins | United States
One Step Ahead Thumbnail
One Step Ahead
Dir. Lena Lenzen, Jose Americo, Writ. Lena Lenzen, Jose Americo, Zelia Ximenes, Elda Monteiro, Natalino de Aquino, Andre da C. C. Soares & Prod. Lena Lenzen
6 Mins | Timor-Leste
Seven Thumbnail
Dir. Marie Alyse Rodriguez, Writ. Marie Alyse Rodriguez, Natalie Trevonne & Prod. Marie Alyse Rodriguez, Regina Saldivar
5 Mins | United States
Taco Tuesday Thumbnail
Taco Tuesday
Dir. John Lawson, Writ. Mickey Fisher & Prod. Adam W. Karwowski, John Lawson
6 Mins | United States
ILY Thumbnail
Dir. Christine Marshall, Writ. Christine Marshall & Prod. Jennifer Montzingo
4 Mins | United States
Pandora Thumbnail
Dir. Anna Pakman, Jd Michaels, Writ. Anna Pakman, Jd Michaels & Prod. Anna Pakman, Jd Michaels
6 Mins | United States
Cindy & Piper Drive To McDonald’s Thumbnail
Cindy & Piper Drive To McDonald’s
Dir. Shannon DeVido, Writ. Shannon DeVido
5 Mins | United States
Aphasia Superheroes Thumbnail
Aphasia Superheroes
Dir. Dr. Gillian Velmer, Writ. Dr. Gillian Velmer, Douglas Ojala
5 Mins | United States
Fantastic Ideas: Where Do We Find Them? Thumbnail
Fantastic Ideas: Where Do We Find Them?
Dir. Robert James Ashe, Writ. Robert James Ashe & Prod. Robert James Ashe, Angela Ashe
2 Mins | United States
Heroes In Training Thumbnail
Heroes In Training
Dir. Brittany Phillips, Writ. Jennifer Msumba & Prod. Jennifer Msumba, Brittany Phillips
5 Mins | United States
Superhero Inc. Thumbnail
Superhero Inc.
Dir. Liz Whitmere, Christine Belanger, Writ. Christine Belanger, Liz Whitmere & Prod. Christine Belanger
5 Mins | Canada
Life Trials Thumbnail
Life Trials
Dir. Tal Anderson, Vickie Anderson, Writ. Anthony Purnell, Tal Anderson & Prod. Tal Anderson
6 Mins | United States
In The Mirror Thumbnail
In The Mirror
Dir. Natasha Jimenez, Writ. Amanda McDonough, Joanna Jacobson & Prod. Amanda McDonough
4 Mins | United States
Program #2 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts I
The Bra Mitzvah Thumbnail
The Bra Mitzvah
Dir. Stacy Jill Calvert, Writ. Stacy Jill Calvert & Prod. Kelly Weinhart-Henry, Jaclyn Chessen
10 Mins | USA
Shadow Self Thumbnail
Shadow Self
Dir. Jesse Randall, Writ. Alyssa Brayboy, Jesse Randall & Prod. Alyssa Brayboy, Jesse Randall, Elisa Vazquez
23 Mins | USA
Inside The Beauty Bubble Thumbnail
Inside The Beauty Bubble
Dir. Cheryl Bookout, Cheri Gaulke, Writ. Cheryl Bookout, Cheri Gaulke & Prod. Cheryl Bookout, Cheri Gaulke, America Young, Stacy Sweeting
31 Mins | USA
F1-100 Thumbnail
Dir. Emory Chao Johnson, Writ. & Prod. Emory Chao Johnson, Farrah Su
14 Mins | USA, Malaysia
Waking Up Thumbnail
Waking Up
Dir. James Patrick Nelson, Writ. James Patrick Nelson & Prod. James Patrick Nelson
13 Mins | USA
God’s Daughter Dances Thumbnail
God’s Daughter Dances
Dir. Sungbin Byun, Writ. Sungbin Byun & Prod. Suji Bong
25 Mins | South Korea
Program #3 – Feature: Triple Threat
Triple Threat Thumbnail
Triple Threat
Dir. Stacey Maltin, Writ. Stacey Maltin, Jay DeYonker & Prod. Margarita Zhitnikova, Jackie Schwartz, Martha Frances Williams, Carrie Radigan
99 Mins | USA
Program #4 – InFocus: LGBTQ+ Shorts II
We All Die Alone Thumbnail
We All Die Alone
Dir. Jonathan Hammond, Writ. Jonathan Hammond & Prod. Ryan Roach
14 Mins | USA
Love In The Time Of Corona Thumbnail
Love In The Time Of Corona
Dir. Lila Schmitz, Writ. Lila Schmitz & Prod. Lila Schmitz, Jonathan Henry Williams
8 Mins | USA
I Wish I Never Fucking Met You Thumbnail
I Wish I Never Fucking Met You
Dir. Jacob Charton, Writ. Jacob Charton & Prod. Kerri Stoughton-Jackson
10 Mins | USA
Open To It (Episode 1) Thumbnail
Open To It (Episode 1)
Dir. Greg Wolf, Writ. Frank Arthur Smith & Prod. Jonathan James, Sabrina Cooper, Frank Arthur Smith
11 Mins | USA
Blue Hour Thumbnail
Blue Hour
Dir. Fiona Kida, Writ. Fiona Kida & Prod. Fiona Kida
11 Mins | USA
The Man Of My Dreams Thumbnail
The Man Of My Dreams
Dir. Tristan Scott-Behrends, Writ. Tristan Scott-Behrends & Prod. Emily Backerman, Ben Silbert
5 Mins | USA
Sunburn Thumbnail
Dir. Jaslyn Mairs, Writ. Claudia Bailey & Prod. Ben Bauchet, Lev Jutsen
13 Mins | Australia
Somnium Thumbnail
Dir. L.E. Woods, Writ. Mitchell Peters, L.E. Woods & Prod. Anjini Taneja Azhar
14 Mins | USA
Starfuckers Thumbnail
Dir. Antonio Marziale, Writ. Antonio Marziale & Prod. Eli Raskin
15 Mins | USA