Monthly Film Festival

February 18, 2017 12:00am PST - 11:59pm PST

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Shorts Program #1 – InFocus : Black Cinema
4:00PM Pre-screening Reception
4:15PM Short Film Screenings
5:45PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #2
5:30PM Pre-screening Reception
6:15PM Short Film Screenings
7:45PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #3
7:30PM Pre-screening Reception
8:15PM Short Film Screenings
9:20PM Post-screening Q&A
Feature Program
9:00PM Pre-screening Reception
9:45PM Feature Film Screenings
11:25PM Post-screening Q&A

Event Entrance
1139 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles 90015

150 W 12th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

In honor of Black History Month, NFMLA presents ‘InFocus: Black Cinema’ to open up this month’s festival screening. The program consists of films that cover a range of stories and cultures seeking to underscore the importance of films that have starred, filmed, directed, or been produced by the black community. We have two comedies of how far one goes to break the walls between color in the name of love, a witty comment on stereotyping, a beautifully captured character study of a youth from the streets, training his way to the olympics, and a historical snapshot of an economically challenged community in Detroit transformed though the modernist architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe.

Next we have 2 programs of short films, many premiering for the first time in Los Angeles including character driven films from Italy and Lithuania, a Hungarian produced thriller and a glimpse of mother struggling with her cancer in modern day Iran. And from the U.S., a modern day pulp flick set in the desert, a satire of a clever homeless man, and a documentary of a female cappella quartet out of Cuba.

Closing the evening, we have the West Coast Premier of ‘Homestate’, a tender experiment of real life and fiction following Blaise Miller in a refined performance as the lead character on a path of redefining himself despite the lack of faith from his family.

Throughout the night, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the filmmakers and industry supporters over cocktails and beats at the filmmakers’ lounge inside the private entry to the 500 seat theater of the South Park Center in Downtown Los Angeles.
Come hungry to enjoy gourmet street food from the food truck this month, Fettes Schwein.

Short Program #1 – InFocus: Black Cinema
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Writ. & Dir. Matthew Manson
Time: 16 Mins. – USA
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The Boxer

Dir. Craig Cutler | Writ. Ted Pettus
Time: 16 Mins. – USA
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Writ. & Dir. Kadri Koop
Time: 14 Mins. – USA
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Writ. & Dir. Rebecca Ocampo
Time: 18 Mins. – USA/Rwanda
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Writ. & Dir. Delmar Washington
Time: 11 Mins. – USA
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A Poem of Glass and Steel

Writ. & Dir. Ryan Clancy
Time: 8 Mins. – USA
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Writ. & Dir. Shawn Cortel
Time: 6 Mins. – USA
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Short Program #2
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Dir. Brad Clapper | Writ. Brad Clapper & Liam Cronin
Time: 12 Mins. – USA
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The Last Words

Writ. & Dir. Keegan Mullin
Time: 18 Mins. – USA
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Writ. & Dir. Gabriele Urbonaite
Time: 19 Mins. – Lithuania
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Paolo Pelosini: Death is My Last Chance

Writ. & Dir. Federico Possati
Time: 10 Mins. – USA/Italy
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Coming Soon

The Thread

Writ. & Dir. Árpád Gorogh
Time: 18 Mins. – Hungary
» Film Synopsis
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The Scarecrow

Dir. Phillip Rhys | Writ. Phillip William Brock
Time: 12 Mins. – USA
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Short Program #3
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Soy Cubana

Writ. & Dir. Jeremy Ungar & Ivaylo Getov
Time: 17 Mins. – USA
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The Mirror (Ayineh)

Dir. Tahereh Ahmadishad & Aidin Eftekhari
Time: 15 Mins. – Iran
» Film Synopsis
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The Massacre at Black Divide

Dir. Steve Makowski | Writ. Steve Makowski, Jeff Rosick & Morgan West
Time: 10 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
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The Road Between

Writ. & Dir. Brett Sorem
Time: 21 Mins. – USA
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Feature Film Program
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Dir. David Hickey | Writ. David Hickey & Blaise Miller
Time: 85 Mins. – USA
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