Monthly Film Festival

January 14, 2017 12:00am PST - 11:59pm PST

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Shorts Program #1 – InFocus : Counter Ageism
4:00PM Pre-screening Reception
4:15PM Short Film Screenings
5:25PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #2
5:15PM Pre-screening Reception
5:45PM Short Film Screenings
7:30PM Post-screening Q&A
Shorts Program #3
7:00PM Pre-screening Reception
7:45PM Short Film Screenings
9:15PM Post-screening Q&A
Feature Program
9:00PM Pre-screening Reception
9:45PM Feature Film Screenings
11:30PM Post-screening Q&A

Event Entrance
1139 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles 90015

150 W 12th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles opens the 2017 festival year with the InFocus diversity series. This event showcases a curated lineup of films submitted from the US and around the world. Six excellent stories around aging and the clear social distance in modern culture; a young nurse has empathy with her patient’s desire to let go, a father-son and a mother-daughter each experience the ubiquitous generation gap, a widow hangs on to rituals to keep her husband close, and a young man saves his long lost mother in a compromising situation.

NFMLA will also host two dedicated programs featuring comedy short films cherry picked from hundreds of entries. The programs are curated to show the emerging standards and range of what is funny from seasoned writers and performers.

The night closes with the West Coast premiere of the cleverly written feature film ‘Delinquent, by Kieran Valla, a thrilling and dramatic exploration of a teenager, played flawlessly by Alex Shaffer, and his struggle to manage the fall-out of a robbery gone wrong.

In between programs, you will have the opportunity to meet and mingle with the filmmakers and industry supporters over cocktails and beats at the filmmakers’ lounge inside the private entry to the 500 seat theater of the South Park Center in Downtown Los Angeles.

Short Program #1 – InFocus : Counter Ageism
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Dir. & Writ. Samantha Drake
Time: 13 Mins – USA
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Where We Begin

Dir. & Writ. Mitsuyo Miyazaki
Time: 20 Mins. – USA
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Dir. & Writ. Tim Young
Time: 7 Mins. – USA
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Dir. Scarlet Moreno
Writ. Scarlet Moreno & Camilo Quiroz Vazquez
Time: 12 Mins. – USA
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Dir. Michael Raso
Writ. Michael Raso & Bruce Potter
Time: 7 Mins. – Australia
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Dir. Fabien Colas
Writ. Emile Schlesser & Fabien Colas
Time: 9 Mins – Luxembourg
» Film Synopsis
Short Program #2
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Dir. & Writ. Joe Mackedanz
Time: 19 Mins – USA
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Space Face and The Big Eye Crew

Dir. & Writ. Jose Alfredo Garcia & Coker Jones
Time: 19 Mins. – USA
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P + V

Dir. Michael Lopez
Writ. Maddie McGuire
Time: 20 Mins. – USA
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Jolly Boy Friday

Dir. & Writ. Weston Razooli
Time: 15 Mins. – USA
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Dir. & Writ. Andrew Price
Time: 5 Mins. – USA
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Alex At Noon

Dir. & Writ. James Skinner
Time: 11 Mins – USA
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Short Program #3
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Into The Ground

Dir. David Tuil
Writ. Jonathan Demayo & David Tuil
Time: 20 Mins. – USA
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The Sixth Lead

Dir. & Writ. Rick Glassman
Time: 30 Mins – USA
» Film Synopsis
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Northwest Mini U-Store: No Hidden Fees!

Dir. & Writ. Michael Ward
Time: 7 Mins – USA
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Coming Soon

Namcar Night Race

Dir. & Writ. Lance Khazei
Time: 23 Mins. – USA
» Film Synopsis
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The Meltdown

Dir. Connor Kerrigan
Writ. Connor Kerrigan & Nelson Dial
Time: 13 Mins. – USA
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Feature Film Program
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Dir. Kieran Valla
Writ. Kieran Valla & Levi Smock
Time: 97 Mins. – USA
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