Monthly Film Festival

June 07, 2020

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) spotlights Asian filmmakers for this year’s InFocus: Asian Cinema, now Powered by Seed&Spark on their virtual festival platform, with a pair of shorts programs featuring work by talented Asian and Asian-American directors, including three world premieres. The day’s programming concludes with polyamorous dramedy First Blush, the feature film debut of director Victor Neumark. Each screening will be followed by live Q&A’s via Zoom.

The day’s programming begins with Shorts Program #1 – Power and Meaning, presented as part of InFocus: Asian Cinema, and offers stories where questions of power and sources of meaning come to the forefront: an artist becoming disillusioned with a meticulous project, an actor who decides to become a cat, a mother caught between her son and her employer, and Eugene Suen’s hilarious story of faith and purpose, Master of Divinity.

In Shorts Program #2 – Who I Am and What I Do, this second selection of shorts highlighting Asian talent behind the camera presented as part of InFocus: Asian Cinema, we encounter stories of characters grappling the role they play in work and in society, featuring stories about actors filmmakers confronting ideas of identity, a high school girl encountering the social mores that threaten the safety of her and her friends, and a teleporting thief on a final action-thriller mission.

The evening concludes with feature film First Blush, in which a young married couple become involved with another woman and the three learn to navigate the complications of a polyamorous relationship. The film is the feature debut of Victor Neumark (associate producer on IFC’s ‘Portlandia’, Comedy Central’s ‘Corporate’, and Hulu’s ‘Shrill’), who describes the story as one that “tenderly explores the anxieties that shape a generation, and celebrates the bravery that it takes to make genuine connections.”

NFMLA showcases films by filmmakers of all backgrounds throughout the year in addition to its special InFocus programming which celebrates diversity, inclusion and region. All filmmakers are welcome and encouraged to submit their projects which will be considered for all upcoming NFMLA Festivals, regardless of the InFocus programming.

Schedule Details

Program #1 – InFocus: Asian Cinema – Shorts #1 – Power and Meaning
2:00 PM – Program
3:30 PM – Audience Q&A
Program #2 – InFocus: Asian Cinema – Shorts #2 – Who I Am and What I Do
5:00 PM – Program
6:30 PM – Audience Q&A
Program #3 – Feature Program: First Blush
8:00 PM – Program
10:00 PM – Audience Q&A

InFocus: Asian Cinema - Shorts Program #1 - Power and Meaning
Jackets For Butterflies Thumbnail
Jackets For Butterflies
Dir. & Writ. Hank
16 Mins | USA
The Cat in Me Thumbnail
The Cat in Me
Dir. Xuerui Wang & Writ. Lingyu Wang
17 Mins | USA
A Sunburnt Summer
Dir. & Writ. Zicheng Li
20 Mins | USA
Master of Divinity Thumbnail
Master of Divinity
Dir. & Writ. Eugene Suen
21 Mins | USA
InFocus: Asian Cinema - Shorts Program #2 - Who I Am and What I Do
Daytime Moon Thumbnail
Daytime Moon
Dir. Kyung Sok Kim & Writ. Kyung Sok Kim, Rex Reyes
15 Mins | USA
Dream Boy or the Pursuit of Being Thumbnail
Dream Boy or the Pursuit of Being
Dir. & Writ. Auden Bui
14 Mins | USA
What We Talk About When We Talk About Lights, Camera, Action
Dir. Jianle Liu & Writ. Ruochong Wang
14 Mins | China
Dir. & Writ. Jing Ai Ng
15 Mins | USA
Beam Thumbnail
Dir. & Writ. Jesse Gi
13 Mins | USA
Feature Program: First Blush
First Blush Thumbnail
First Blush
Dir. & Writ. Victor Neumark
107 Mins | USA